Dstv Fibre Installations


Dstv over fibre installation can be explained as a single fibre network working alone transporting dstv frequency signals.In some complex installations it can be used along the same fibre with the internet by giving the signal a different wave length, 


Understanding dstv over fibre


Dstv fiber installation gets it fiber source from the dstv dish where IF frequencies are changed to light signals then transported down stream through fibre cable and termination devices to reach the last user “dstv decoder “. This installation can be done over long distance with a very minimal signal loss of like 2% over 100 km compared to the normal coaxial cabling. See also communal installers


Types of dstv over fibre installation explained

Pure Fibre dstv installation.


Installation is based purely on fibre, here the fibre runs from the dstv communal installation head end to the last unit or the end users apartment  and the last termination is done inside the  users apartment, This kind of installation is most widely used in large estates with free standing houses, examples include the water fall country estate in midrand johannesburg


Dstv fibre hybrid installation


dstv installation where fibre runs to some extent and terminated to if and then signal is distributed to the end user apartments via coaxial cabling. This is the most widely used kind of installation done in complexes with many apartment units. its cheaper and efficient


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